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    Shenyang Future New Type Panel Co., Ltd was founded in 2010, and the total investment was 160 million. It is located in Shenyang Economical and Technological district, which belongs to the national Economical and Technological district. The total area is 50,000m2, and the total building area is 20,000m2. Our company is a large professional corporation, which specializes in designing, developing, producing and selling the new type building panel.
   We introduced the international ace polyurethane production line when our company set up. We can continuously produce the new type panels with polyurethane, rock wool panel, glass wool sandwich panel as the material, and applies the mixing producing system, which is burdening on line with six components in high pressure. Besides, we own the technological ability to design and develop new products independently.
   A professional team, the rigorous management, together with the advanced producing equipment, makes us the vanguard of the enterprises of this field in the northeast.
Producing theory: this producing line applies the Roll Barrel Principle, putting the metal panel on the special designed the belt to send panels, and the polyurethane on the metal panel through the spraying device. Controlled by computer automatically, the product molds under the high-temperature processing between the metal panels, so as to complete the polyurethane color steel composite panels with three layers. This product has the characteristics of low thermal conductivity, good resistance, good strength to resist curvature, without water sucking or corruption, a wide range of enduring temperature, which prefer the same products in this field, and it is perfect panel to protect steel structure. This producing line can produce the polyurethane composite board and rock wool composite panel (polyurethane foam molding on the edge of panels). The producing line is more than 170m, with a system to cool the panels and the total automatic producing, the high efficiency can produce the 1200000m2 per year.
    We have 95 employees now, the young management insists on advanced technology, quick concept, sincere service, reasonable price, complete equipment, powerful productivity, normative scientific management. We base on the people-oriented service, the enterprise spirit of all the crew,the perfect quality,best credibility and establish a developmental platform for our company and customers.
   In order to meet the requirements of the market and the development of the corporation, we would like to corporate with all the same trade with our excellent products, quick sales style, sincere service to realize the win-win cooperation、complementing each other's advantages、resource sharing, realizing the mutual growth in the win-win cooperation!

Office Address: Shenyang city Huanggu District NingShan Road No. 42Yu Feng building 10layer
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